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Add:No.66 PanXin Road Zhejiang Panan Industrial park (JianShan Town)
Tel: +86-579-84509128
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ZHEJIANG XINRUI PIPELINE CO., LTD is a professional development and production and vendition of new plastic pipe system enterprise. It is located in Zhejiang Industrial Park at PanAn Zhejiang Province, where is the largest production base of plastic pipe for home appliance in china, also it is born the first plastic pipe and has a famous name of " one pipe through whole world". The company covers more than 50000 square meters, has many international standard production lines and a first grade lab and more than 150 professional technicians of pipes and fittings, employs authority experts, has maintained close cooperation and exchanges with many institution&enterprise and jointly committed to the pipeline industry technological innovation.

The company have all kinds plastic extrusion lines and injection line machines and more than 300 sets of molds and professional test equipment. Main products including " PE water pipe, PE Drainage Pipe, PE Gas pipes, PE Oil pipes, PE Mining pipes and PE fittings,PPR pipes and fittings, PEX-AL-PEX, PE-RT, PE-X(b) floor heating pipe, PP-R/PE-RT Aluminum plastic steady state pipe, FR-PPR, NFB PP-R composite pipe, Brass fitting, PE-RT Oxygen pipe, RPAP5 ,PVC-U pipes and fittings etc. all kinds of pipeline products. We acquired ISO9001-2008 quality control system certification, ISO14001 environment control system certification, CE and GOST etc. certifications.

Until now, our products have been imported to Australia, Indonesia, Iran, Spain, Britain,Russia, Mongolia, Chile etc. and got many praise.The important thing is we have best competitive price and best quality.

Any enquiry,any questions, please feel free to contact our Sales Manager.

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